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20 years of action week!

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Transport Workers Fighting Back! Organising Globally!

  • About the campaign

    From 3-9 October 2016, unions and their members all over the globe will come together to take part in ITF action week which has now been running for 20 years. 

    Under the slogan ‘Transport workers fighting back! Organising globally!’ unions will organise a variety of activities to:

    • Highlight important issues that affect road transport and railway workers
    • Emphasise the importance of belonging to a union

    We want all road transport and railway workers including passenger and freight, mobile and non-mobile workers to take part in action week.

    Go to the action week 2016 blog now for more information and ideas on how your union can take part.

    Follow action week via and twitter @ITFglobalunion use #ActionWeek20

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793 Days Ago
Trade Union of Railwaymen and Transport Construction Workers of Ukraine (… traditionally actively involved in organizing activities during the ITF action weeks. 20 years we have been taken part in solidarity campaigns and 20 years ago our union joined the ITF (28 November 1996). We have chosen by presidium decision on 21 September the motto “Safety First” again, since it very important for railwaymen in Ukraine. Core emphasis devoted to WDDW day with three blocks of issues: decent wages, decent working places and decent technical condition of rolling stock. Structural committees across six Railroads of Ukraine are involved in delivering up to 26 matters that was drafted by the central union committee, trade union activists addressing these issues to their employers according to regional priorities and market needs. Sergii IVANSKYI, Head of International Cooperation Department
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Bhimjwala Rai

800 Days Ago
We are going to celebrating 20 years of ITF Action week its historic but i vahe not see new Slogan Backdrop .
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