Africa regional review: what is happening?

The review will make the region more able to build union power

Why a review?

The ITF is reviewing all its geographical regions to assess how they can be more effective to help unions face industrial challenges.

The ITF congress 2014 agreed a four-year work programme, with a strategy to build union power through four levers:

  • Consolidating/organising hubs and corridors
  • Influencing lead industry players
  • Following geographic shifts
  • Activating mass membership

How will the review be managed?

A 19-strong [20 if additional woman approved by EB in April] steering group has been set up to oversee the review, comprised of affiliates from the region (including executive board members and the regional chair), and senior ITF staff from the region and the office of the general secretary.

What’s the process of the review?

The review will make the ITF Africa region stronger and put unions in Africa in the best possible position to follow the four levers strategy.

It will focus on assessing three areas:

The regional work plan/priorities – to ensure that efforts are concentrated where we can have the biggest impact, through fewer (maximum of five), strategic, well-resourced and union-led projects. The projects will also be assessed against the executive board’s success criteria of being adaptable, empowering, accountable, informed and communicated.

The regional governance structure – to ensure that it provides effective leadership, strategic and informed decision-making, and accountability to support the delivery of the regional priorities. The review will assess whether unions are allowed to lead, own and be involved in planning and delivery of the work. And it will ensure the governance structure reduces the costs and burdens of meetings, to allow more ITF resources to be spent on campaigns.

The secretariat – to ensure that the ITF regional team is equipped to support our affiliates in the delivery of the regional priorities. This means ensuring there is capacity, that the team has the right combination of skills and experience, and they are focused on the right work.

When will the review be completed?

The first meeting of the steering group took place in Nairobi on 7 February 2017. The review will be completed during 2017 and the outcomes will be presented to the African affiliates for adoption/endorsement at the regional conference, which is due to take place in early March 2018.

What will be the outcome of the review?

There will be:

  • a set of proposed priority projects for the region;
  • a proposed governance structure; and
  • recommendations on the regional secretariat.

These will be presented to the steering group for approval, then to the executive board for adoption and finally to the Africa regional conference for adoption/endorsement.

How will we keep our Africa affiliates informed?

We will send you regular email updates and make information available on the ITF website.

Members of the steering group and regional staff will also communicate with affiliates via the national co-ordinating committees (NCCs).

If you wish to know more about the review, please contact a member of the steering group or the regional office.

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Binta B. Nagbe

626 Days Ago
What I think is that, ITF is doing its best to make sure workers voices are been hear and workers rights are implemented in every sectors, what needs to be done is continue to keep the focus..
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