Africa Day 2018

Today, we can take a moment to reflect on the great work that's being done to bring democracy, trade unionism and justice to all of our sisters and brothers in Africa.

It's only been a year since Africa Day 2017 but the progress that we and our affiliates have made has been incredible. From the huge strides we've taken in bringing worker issues into the fold of Nairobi's Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, to the great gains made in organising informal workers across the whole of Africa. 

March in Abuja saw our biggest African Regional Conference to date. There was a heavy focus on women workers and the importance of addressing gender based problems. The scale and energy of the conference was a testimony of our increased activities in the region over the past year. 

Democracy and trade unionism still have some way to go in certain parts of Africa but we're on the right track.

On this day of celebration, I, the ITF, our affiliates, and transport workers across the world stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Africa.

In solidarity 

Stephen Cotton 

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202 Days Ago
The National Federation of Indian Railwaymen (NFIR) from India Wishes all our Brothers & Sisters a Very Happy Africa Day. While we update daily Global Transport Workers News Headlines, we observe that the Trade Unions in Africa are developing very fast be it COSATU, SATAWU, NUMSA, FEDUSA, NCTU, SAFTU, NURTW etc., NFIR, India has been a consistent supporter of Legitimate Rights to Workers and we are fighting it Logically. VIVA ITF, VIVA WORKERS UNITY
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