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As part of the ITF global project 'Training the Trainers', the education department has completed 2 education modules entitled 'Introducing the ITF' and 'Transport logistics'.

The modules are designed to support education activities relating to issues of globalisation, transport restructuring and how trade unions can respond and develop new strategies. A third module entitled 'Globalisation and transport' will be produced early next year.

The purpose of the modules is to enable you as educators to conduct education seminars on the role of the ITF for example, in  the context of globalisation, international trade unionism and in particular the importance of international solidarity in today's globalised economy. Each pack consists of the following:

Presentation Materials:- This consists of slides, which you the trainer can use to make a presentation. The slides can be used as PowerPoint or as overhead transparencies.

Notes for the trainer:-  These explain the purpose and duration of the modules, the required materials,   the target group and what is needed  to prepare for the session. There are also notes for each PowerPoint slide, which a trainer can refer to , in order to expand upon the points on the PowerPoint slide (or overhead transparency).

Background Information:-
Puts the topic into context and provides more detailed information. The background information usually consists of an article from the ITF magazine Transport International.

Education activities:-
This provides for practical ideas, which can be used in the seminar. These include questions that could be put to participants to stimulate debate and active participation.

Please note that the modules refer to other ITF publications such as Transport International and the Globalising Solidarity Manual. It is necessary for you as the trainer to go through the various components of the modules before a seminar so as to ensure that you have all the information at hand.

The two modules are available in English, French and Spanish. If you would like to order a copy please contact

Alternatively you can download the material, see the end of this page.

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