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Congress venue, Mexico City

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  1. It all links together.
    Very interesting debate this afternoon. It went rigth too the heart of one of our main problems, at least in the democratic countrys: How to win political power? Because we need political power to achive our goals, conserning sosial justice, climate change and all other mayor problems we are facing. Unonisme is not enough. We can orgenice all the people, but that wont help us, it we have no politial power. So we need to get back the control, or at least a mayor influense on our “political friends”, wheter they call them selvs sosial democrats, sosailist og communist partys. If we cant do that, we must create our own politikal partys, formed and controled by the union members. In many countrys we have done this before, so we can do it agein. But if we shall sucside, the unions must be strong and have many members. Because the only real power of the working class, are that we are many workers organised, and that we can use that power together.
    And we need to reclaim the streets. In US today, the tea party movement rules the streets. Rallys and demonstrations are our methods of putting pressure on governments and authoritys. But then again, this will only work if we can mobilise many people. So the key to everything is organise, organise and organise.
    We must organice the workers, we must organise the partys and we must organise the gowernment, if we want to change the world. It all links together.

  2. Solidarity with the Palestinian people.

    Yesterday the congress adopted a motion on Palestine, wich call for a wold wide solidarity campaign. That is very good, but far from enough In my opinion the motion is a little «toothless». To much words and to little aksjon. For more than 60 years Israel have neglected all kind of critisismen from the rest of the world. For more than 60 years Israel have occupied palestinian land. It shold now be clear to everybody that motions will not change Israeli politics.
    We need to put some real pressure on Israel. So I will ask all delegates on this congress to go home and take this discussion back home in your unions and contrys. What conrete pressure can we put on Israel to make them change the politics against the palestinian? In my opinion an economic boycott is one action to consider. May be look to the boycott of sout africa to end aparthaid? Tha state of Israel does not respect any motions. It only respect power, and if the feel the economic pressure, they may change their politics. So comerads, go home end do something. We have prodused enough words on this problem. No we need action.

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