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Throughout its work, the Secretariat has published numerous documents. These elaborate on section policies, publish the results of surveys and analysis, and give readers an overview of particular parts of the section's work. They show how the section's policies have developed over time, and are also valuable material for the work of affiliated unions: many use them for re-publication or educational purposes, some even build them into campaign activities.

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Stressed and Fatigued on the Ground and in the Sky (865kb PDF)

ITF Survey: the industrial landscape of low cost carriers (88kb PDF)

Contesting Globalisation: Airline Restructuring, Labour Flexibility and Trade Union Strategies (2nd edition) (1823kb PDF)

Contesting the Crisis: Aviation industrial relations and trade union strategies after 11 September (431kb PDF)

ECA Low Cost Report_Piloting Safety (1624kb PDF)


Stressed and Fatigued on the Ground and in the Sky
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