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Delta Flight Attendants National Campaign

The IAM-Delta campaign began in 2012 as Delta Air Lines Flight Attendants sought to gain a Voice so that in their own words 'we could be participants in determining our professional future'.

The flight attendants have an amazing opportunity for success and solidarity by being part of the IAM. The power is in their hands to attain a Voice to improve their quality of life, as well as to better the company they work for.

They ask that all transportation workers from around the world support them in their quest for a voice and a vote. If you see a Delta Flight Attendant, let him or her know how union representation is beneficial.

Below is one of the IAM videos where you can hear directly from the flight attendants why they felt the need for a Voice at Delta Air Lines.

Campaign Leadership

Juliana Helminski    Neil Mcmahon    Gayle Meyer    Angela Brewer    Gabe Perez



 To see the full IAM Delta flight attendants dedicated website follow this link >> 

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