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Campaigns > World AIDS Day 2012

World AIDS Day 2012

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27 November 2012: Blood testing for seafarers and dockers in Mauritius to mark World AIDS Day >>

Be a change agent: Getting to Zero

The ITF is calling on its affiliates to mark World AIDS Day on 1 December 2012. As we mark 32 years of AIDS, let’s be inspired by the early days of AIDS activism. AIDS has proven to be much more than an epidemic—it is a movement that has inspired people across the world. This movement is more important now than ever. The beginning of the end of AIDS is now in sight. Keeping in mind the World AIDS day theme for 2011-2015, we must get to Zero new HIV infections, Zero discrimination, Zero AIDS-related deaths. It is our shared vision and our shared responsibility, in memory of the millions who died of AIDS but also for future generations.

Like in previous years, this year the ITF will focus its campaign on “zero new infections and zero discrimination”. We encourage everyone to be a “ Change agent” and start the plan from now, develop linkages and collaborate with local and national organisations to intensify the momentum to achieve our objective of “getting to zero”.

Gallery : Union in Action during World Aids Day 2012

What can you and your union do?

Choose your action – make it happen!

Join transport unions across the globe that have and continue to respond to this issue. It is a collective union responsibility that requires a collective union response.

Organise an activity and order campaign materials: Let us know about the activities you have planned for World AIDS Day 2012. Like in previous years, you can also order campaign materials by using an online Participation/Order form . You can also order your materials by emailing altaf_asif@itf.org.uk or by fax +44 207 357 7871.

Please order your materials no later than Thursday 8 November 2012.

As in previous years, we will highlight your events on the ITF website. View ITF affiliates activities 2011, 2010 and 2009.

Send us your photos and videos: After World AIDS Day, please make sure you send through photos and/or videos from your campaign activity so that we can add them to the website. Send your images and videos to: altaf_asif@itf.org.uk.

Good luck with your activities and don't forget to keep the ITF informed so we can share and develop best practice to fight against HIV/AIDS.

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Complete online form: World AIDS Day 2012 - Participation/Order Form.

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Copyright © 2012 ITF
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