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Campaigns > Ryan-Be-Fair

Giving Ryanair employees a collective voice

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19 April 2013: Ryanair to be inspected over Norwegian ‘slave contract’ claims

Low-cost airline Ryanair is about to get unannounced visits from state aviation and labour inspectors in Norway, following revelations by two sacked cabin crew members of the terms of their contracts… Read more >>


Video: Ryanair Caught Napping

View on YouTube.

Campaign News

Flag of Norway*

Ryanair, again..
Article about Ryanair in Norway: continue reading>>


Flag of Holland*

Dutch blog about Ryanair
By Henk Van der Kolk: continue reading>>


flag of Italy*

Ryanair continues to be confronted by Italian union
Italy: Read more about the latest development with FIT-CISL continue reading>>


Flag of Slovakia*

EC to investigate Ryanair relationship with Bratislava airport
Slovakia: continue reading>>


Flag of France*

Sarkozy Ryanair ad case win in France
Paris, France: continue reading>>


flag of Italy*

Court in Italy cleared way for union work in Ryanair!
Rome, Italy: continue reading>>

read more in LATEST NEWS


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