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Campaigns > DHL respect workers' rights, stop union sacking

DHL respect workers' rights, stop union sacking in Turkey

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“After a long struggle we now have the collective bargaining competency notice from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security for DHL Turkey. This victory is not just TUMTIS’s victory but it is the victory of collective struggle and international solidarity. I thank each union, sister, brother and comrade that put great effort in this victory."

Kenan Ozturk*
Kenan öztürk*

View the press release in English and German >>


Right now sacked workers are standing outside DHL warehouses in Turkey resisting unfair dismissals. The workers report that in 2012 over 20 of them have been dismissed for attempting to organise a union. They also say that DHL management continues to approach them telling them that they must resign from the union or they will lose their jobs. Here's the proof >>

Take action now:

1. ITF affiliates make ready to organise lawful and visible action. Email us or call +44 20 7940 9286/+44 20 7940 9319 about this.
2. Send a message of solidarity to the workers via info@tumtis.org. Or send us an image we can share with the workers.
3. Spread the word. Download materials here >>

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