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15 June
All 8 members of the Metal workers and Mechanics Union are released on bail.

ICEM supports the Action Day on 26 June.

11 June
The ITUC releases its annual survey of violations of trade union rights for 2008, reporting that in 2008 hundreds of workers in Iran have been arrested for supporting the right to organise or participating in legitimate trade union activities or labour gatherings.

10 June
Alireza Saghafy and Mohsen Saghafy are released on bail. They were arrested last month on 1 May in Tehran at Laleh Park.

7 June
Shapour Ehsani, Asadolah Pour Farhad, Jeveh Javaheri and Mohammad Asharafi are released. They were arrested on May Day for taking part in a rally in Tehran. Jeveh Javaheri was the last remaining female prisoner.

Three people detained on 2 June after protesting in front of the revolutionary court are also released. They are family members of Shapour Ehsani and Mohammad Asharafi.

5 June
Amnesty International endorses the Action Day on 26 June.

4 June
The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) adopts a resolution at its Congress in Brisbane supporting the Global Solidarity Action Day on 26 June and calling its Government to raise the violation of workers’ rights directly with the Iranian authorities. >>

2 June
Families of the jailed unionists and labour activists gather in front of the revolutionary court in Tehran to demand the immediate release of those who were arrested on May Day. 3 participants are taken into custody.

Ali Saghafy is allowed to contact his spouse from Evin Prison for the first time since 1 May. He is suffering from back ache. Another detainee, Mohsen Saghafy is visited by his mother.

19 May
In response to the mass arrests on May Day and the continued detention of trade unionists, the ITUC, EI, ITF and IUF call a worldwide action day on 26 June to demand justice for Iranian workers >>

17 May
A further 11 women are released.

13 May
Four women who were detained on May Day are released.

11 May
Indonesian ITF affiliates led by the maritime union KPI organised their protest action against the mass arrests of Iranian unionists on May Day. 100 unionists marched the streets of Jakarta and held a rally in front of the Iranian Embassy. They delivered their protest letter to the Iranian authorities.
9 May
The 2009 May Day Organising Committee sends a statement of thanks to the ITUC, ITF, IUF and EI for their support for workers in Iran.

7 May
Rasoul Bodaghi, a member of the TTA in Tehran, is released after 26 hours detention along with two other teachers.
Sajad Khaksari is transferred to Ward 10 in Evin Prison. EI believes that Sajad’s arrest is connected to his father’s union activism. EI sends a letter to Iran President Ahamdinejad requesting the immediate and unconditional release of Sajad Khaksari and the withdrawal of all charges against him.

6 May
Mansour Osanloo’s family receives a termination of employment letter for him from the Vahed company.

5 May
The detained workers on 1 May are moved to Evin prison. Among them are Homayon Jabaeri, Mansour HaiatGaibi and Gholamreza Khani of the Vahed Syndicate.

Ali Nejati, is terminated from his employment.

According to reports, Haft Tapeh workers have not received wages for the last two months.  All executive board members are under harassment to resign from their positions as members of the union executive board.

4 May
The teachers association, TTA organises gatherings in front of the Education Ministry in Tehran and Education Department Offices in the provinces to celebrate National Teachers Day. In Tehran, over 100 teachers gather for the meeting. Before the gathering in Tehran, plain-clothed and uniformed police officers patrolled the area and attempted to compel the teachers to leave. When teachers resisted, the police assaulted and beat them. Rasoul Bodaghi, a member of the TTA in Tehran, was arrested and transferred to the Revolutionary Court on 5 May. Bodaghi had been detained and sentenced to a two-year suspended prison term in 2007.

3 May
30 of the people detained on May Day are released.

1 May
More than 150 people are sent to Evin Prison for taking part in a May Day rally. Around 2,000 people gather in the Laleh Park in Tehran where hundreds of security and police had closed all entrances to the Park. Plain-clothed intelligence officers and police attack participants and severely beat and arrest many people. Tear gas is used to break up the rally. Cameras and cell phones being used to document the event are destroyed by police. Security guards from companies and factories including Sherkat-e Vahed are also present in the crowd to identify and report workers from their companies to the security forces. The 2009 May Day Organising Committee releases its statement >>

8 members of the Metal workers and Mechanics Union including Hossein Akbari, Abdollah Vatankhah, Abol Hassan Dar ol-Shafa’ie and Aziz Yari in Nematabad, south Tehran are arrested for organising a May Day rally.

The lawyer for the Haft Tapeh Sugarworkers’ Union and the Vahed Syndicate sends a letter to the ILO Director-General highlighting the serious situation for workers in Iran, in particular the constant threat of imprisonment, denial of social rights, dismissal from work, and frequent summoning and arrests of Executive board members of the two unions. The letter also appeals to the ILO to support the trade union rights of workers in Iran and to conduct the necessary proceedings to address the charges filed by the Judicial System of the Islamic Republic of Iran against individuals and all other Iranian workers.

30 April
The Vahed Syndicate sends a message of solidarity to workers in Turkey on the occasion of May Day.  Turkish unions have been campaigning to remove restrictions on May Day celebrations set by the government for more than 30 years >>

The ITF Solidarity Book is published in Farsi >>

29 April
Reza Shahabi, a member of the Vahed Syndicate, is summoned to the Intelligence services office in Tehran.

28 April
Ali Saghafi, the Chair of the Center for Workers' Rights in Iran, is summoned to the Tehran Intelligence office about the May Day Organising Committee which was set-up by 11 independent labour organisations. He is told that a rally without permission from the state is illegal and that security forces and the police will block the venue, Laleh park.

ICEM endorses the joint statement released by ITUC, EI, ITF and IUF.

The 2009 May Day Organising Committee releases its May Day Declaration >>

27 April
The ITUC, EI, ITF and IUF release a joint statement calling on the government of Iran to respect their citizens’ rights and permit free assembly on May Day. The statement also calls for an end to the repression of independent trade unions and their members in Iran, and for the immediate and unconditional release of jailed trade unionists including Mansour Osanloo, Ebrahim Madadi, Farzad Kamangar >>

26 April
Sajad Khaksari, son of Mohamed Khaksari and Soraya Darabi, both leaders of the Iran Teacher Trade Association (TTA), is arrested during a teachers’ gathering in front of the Parliament, which was organised by teachers from Lorestan and Kermanshah who were requesting permanent contracts. He is transferred to the Baharestan Security Police Station. The Revolutionary Court, Branch Two, charges him with "disturbing the public opinion" and order $50,000.00 bail for his release >>

25 April
Iran withdraws its candidacy for the Presidency of the 2009 ILC (International Labour Conference).

23 April
Despite formal promises by the authorities, the Pay Parity Law passed in 2007 has still not been implemented. As a result, the teachers’ movement in Iran calls for industrial action from 26-28 April. The Pay Parity Law guarantees better pay and working conditions for Iranian teachers. President Ahmadinejad was promising its implementation by 22 March 2009. EI sends a protest letter to President Ahmadinejad.
17 April
73 labour activists are detained by the police for several hours after visiting the family of Jalal Hosseini in Kurdistan. Hosseini is currently serving a six month prison sentence for his involvement in May Day 2004. He is a member of the Coordinating Committee to Form Workers Organizations in Iran and a member of the Saqez Seven.

14 April
Ali Nejati is released. Nejati, along with the four other members of the union Executive Board receive their verdicts from court. They are each sentenced to a year in prison. All are banned from union activity for a period of three years.

12 April
News is published that Mansour Osanloo has been taken to solitary confinement for not wearing his prison uniform to go to court. The Vahed Syndicate issues a press release denying the news and reports that Osanloo’s family have had a face to face meeting with him in Rajishaher prison.

7 April
Hundreds of workers in the Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane Company go on strike to protest non-payment of their wages for the past two months and the reduction of overtime work, the arrest and detention of Ali Nejati and for the implementation of a job classification plan.  The strike ends shortly after the company management promises to pay unpaid wages within the next two days and to take the other demands of the workers into prompt consideration.

6 April
Nejati’s whereabouts are only revealed after his wife visits him for a few minutes at the Intelligence Detention Centre in Ahwaz. He is being held in solitary confinement. Branch Two of the Security Prosecution Court in Shoush has filed a case against Nejati.  According to his wife he is being interrogated on charges for which he was previously tried and sentenced. Nejati, along with four other members of the Executive Board of the union, was previously prosecuted on 17 and 23 February 2009. The results of their trial are yet to be officially announced.

20 March
The Committee in Defence of Haft Tapeh Workers is formed in Iran by numerous labour and social activists.

13 March
The ITF sends a protest letter to President Ahmadinejad supporting the letter from the ITUC on 4 March >>

9 March
The ITUC, EI, ITF and IUF send a joint request to the ILO for intervention with regards to escalating repression against trade unionists in Iran >>

8 March
Ali Nejati is arrested by intelligence officials at his home. 

4 March
The ITUC sends a letter to President Ahmadinejad urging the Iranian government to reconsider its policy of repression towards attempts by workers and unionists to demand for basic workers’ rights following the arrests of two Haft Tapeh sugarworkers’ union members - Reza Rakhashan, communication officer and Rahim Bashag, executive board member >>

28 February
Ministry of Intelligence officers raid the home of Ali Nejati, President of the Executive Committee of the Syndicate of Workers of Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane Company.

19 February

Mohsen Hakimi is released on bail. He was arrested by the secret police on 22 December.

18 February  
The ITF is backing a campaign by fellow global union federation IUF to clear five union leaders in Iran who were arrested for standing up for workers’ rights. A verdict is due to be delivered next week.

IRAN: Send your protest to  support the Haft Tapeh workers.

In June last year, five thousand workers at the Haft  Tapeh Sugar Cane Plantation and Industry Company in the Iranian city of Shush  formed an independent trade union following a 46-day strike. The Haft Tapeh  union is now a member of the IUF - and the government is seeking to crush the  workers' organization through potentially lengthy prison sentences for 5  elected leaders, charged with acting against "national security" in connection  with last year's strike and the formation of the union.
Your  support is needed, now - click here to learn more and to send a message to the  government of Iran:
or go straight to the message page and send your  protest.

Please also see ITF News Online, 12 February 2009, ITF condemns continuing crackdown on Iran’s independent workers’ movement

12 January
TRANSNET in Germany sends its protest letter to the Iranian Embassy in Berlin and the German Minister of Foreign Affairs.

9 January
JR-Rengo in Japan sends its protest letter to President Ahmadinejad.

7 January
JRU in Japan sends its protest letter to President Ahmadinejad.

3 January
Vahed Syndicate holds its regular Executive Board meeting successfully.

31 December
LabourStart advertises the ITF online campaign.

30 December
AIRF in India sends its protest letter to President Ahmadinejad.

The Victorian Branch of the RTBU in Australia sends its protest to President Ahmadinejad.

FNV Bondgenoten in the Netherlands releases its press statement on the situation in Iran >>

29 December
UGT in Spain sends its protest letter to the Iranian authorities.

TWU Local 100 (New York) sends its protest letter to President Ahmadinejad.

28 December
Ebrahim Madadi is summoned to the Revolutionary Court where his three and a half year sentence, which had been effectively suspended, is reinstated.  He is now in Evin Prison, Section 209.

The ITF releases its Action Alert and appeals to all those who have been campaigning to promote workers' rights in Iran to support Ebrahim Madadi by sending a protest to the Iranian government.  Take Action: Send a Protest Letter >>

The Austrian union VIDA sends its protest letter to President Ahmadinejad.

27 December
According to reports Ebrahim Madadi is taken into police custody from the North Tehran Branch of the Employment Office by plain-clothed security personnel who possessed a court order.  Madadi is believed to be in a police branch tonight and is due to appear before the judge tomorrow morning (28 December). Ebrahim Madadi is the Vice-President of the ITF-affiliated Tehran Bus Workers' Union (Vahed Syndicate). Meanwhile, two Executive Board members of the union have also been verbally summoned by the secret police.

Prior to this incident, trade unions condemned the arrest of Mohsen Hakimi, a member of the 'Iranian Writers' Association' and the 'Coordinating Committee to Form Workers' Organisations' who was detained by the secret police for unknown charges on 22 December. He is now being held in Section 209 in Evin Prison. At the same time, an auto worker, Bijan Amiri, at Pars Khodro factory was also arrested for unknown charges.

The ITF immediately releases its "Protest Statement on arrests of trade unionists in Iran" demanding the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to release the three unionists as well as the bus union leader, Mansour Osanloo and education worker, Farzad Kamangar without delay.

Read the ITF Protest Statement >>

The British TUC also sends its protest letter to the Iranian Mission in the UK >>

La Fraternidad in Argentina sends its protest to President Ahmadinejad.

24 December
FNV Bondgenoten launches an e-card campaign.

The British TUC sends a protest letter to the Iranian Ambassador to the UK concerning the recent arrests >>

22 December
Plain-clothed security forces arrest Mohsen Hakimi, a member of the 'Iranian Writers' Association' and the 'Coordinating Committee to Form Workers' Organization'. At the same time an auto worker, Bijan Amiri, at Pars Khodro factory is also arrested under unkown charges. They are transferred to Section 209 of Evin Prison. Hakimi is one of the Saqez seven case in 2004.

20 December
Five leaders of the Haft Tapeh Syndicate are reportedly summoned to the Islamic Revolution Court in the city of Dezful.

19 December
The Council of the European Union releases the "Declaration by the Presidency on behalf of the European Union on the repeated violations of human rights in Iran."

15 December
According to reports, Tayab Moaei, a member of the Free Workers' Union is released on a bail of US$10,000 after 34 days detention.

26 November
According to information received by Education International (EI) Farzad Kamangar, an education worker and trade unionist, is taken from his cell in Evin prison in preparation for execution by hanging. Urgent online actions are set-up by Education International and LabourStart.

According to reports received during the day, Kamangar is not executed.

20-21 November
Participants at the ITUC Middle East Co-ordinating Committee Meeting held in Brussels denounce the continuing persecution of the Iranian trade union movement and call for a major international trade union mobilisation in support of the release of the imprisoned trade union leaders and the securing of respect for the right of workers to establish free and independent trade unions.

18 November
A delegation of representatives from UK unions, the TUC, ITF and Amnesty International take part in a special meeting on union repression in Iran with the All Party Parliamentary Group >>

7 November
Austrian transport union, VIDA, holds a meeting with Amnesty International to demand freedom for Mansour Osanloo upon the 10-year anniversary of the Amnesty working group in the transport unions >>

The ITF and ITUC send a joint protest letter to President Ahmadinejad protesting the sentences issued against the five members of the Vahed Syndicate on 5 October and the continued imprisonment and ill treatment of Mansour Osanloo >>

2 November
Mansour Osanloo is handcuffed and his feet are chained for his transportation to a medical check-up. He is reportedly beaten up and all his check-ups are cancelled until further notice.

28 October
A Mexican delegation composed of trade unionists and politicians, including the ITF Executive Board member Benito Bahena, visits Tehran at the invitation of the Iranian government. In the official meeting with President Ahmadinejad, the delegation raises concerns over the treatment of members of the Vahed Syndicate and demands the immediate release of Mansour Osanloo.

22 October
The Syndicate of Haft Tapeh Sugar Plantation in Shoush in Southern Khouzestan province in Iran holds an election for union executive board members. Despite harassment and intimidation by the management, more than 1,000 workers cast their ballots and nine members are elected as new executive board members.

19 October
Members of the Vahed Syndicate meet together with other independent union representatives in support of the ITF Road Transport Action Week.

15 October
Mansour Osanloo and the ITF-affiliated Vahed Syndicate are awarded with the Silver Rose Award by SOLIDAR in Brussels (see 15 September for more information abour SOLIDAR and the award). Yussuf Mollaie, who is the lawyer for the union, attends the ceremony held at the European Parliament. In his speech, on behalf of the union, Mollair says "the unprecedented growth of the workers' movement and the escalation of struggles over the last three years show that Iranian workers are aware of the solid support of the international community. When we raise our fists, we know that we are not alone. This award will strengthen our determination to continue and to broaden our struggles". Representatives of the ITUC and ITF/ETF attend the event.

7 October
The Revolutionary Court of Tehran, Branch 14 issues sentences against five members of the Vahed Syndicate. They are convicted for acting against national security in relation to a strike on 25 December 2005 and for inciting employees of the Sherkat-e Vahed to engage in mass protest, preparing and distributing leaflets inviting the bus drivers to go on strike, leaving their lights on during the day in protest, participating in illegal gatherings and knowing about the illegal activities of Mr. Osanloo. The sentences are from 6 months to 14 months, and all are suspended for 3 years.  The five members are: Abbas NajandKodaki (10 months prison term), Ata Babakhani
(12 months prison term), Saeed Toraabian (14 months prison term), Yaqub Salimi (6 months prison term), and Ali ZadHossein (10 months prison term).

2 October
"Thanks a lot for sharing this information with us.  We hope and pray that the Iranian government will one day come to its real senses and accordingly release comrade Osanloo from prison ..."   Read more >>

22 September
More than 1,700 truck drivers are on strike in southern Iran since 7 September. Trucks, which belong to the government, are parked on the roadsides between the cities of Andimeshk and Ahvaz. The drivers are demanding the elimination of the labour brokers and better road safety.

16 September
Gholamreza Gholamhosseini is released on bail from Evin prison after being detained for nearly three months.  Bail was set at 100,000,000 Toman (US$100,000).  Gholamhosseini will have to attend court again to face whatever charges are made against him.  (ITF News Online >>)

15 September
SOLIDAR, a European network of labour and social organisations recognised by the ILO, announces that Mansour Osanloo and the Tehran Bus Workers' Union are to receive their Silver Rose Award.  The Silver Rose Award recognises individuals and organisations whose struggle contributes greatly to social justice and equality throughout the world.  (ITF News Online >>)

13 September
According to reports, since 25 August, Mansour Osanloo has been transferred to Rajai Shahr Prison in Karaj City rather than being moved to hospital to receive treatment for his eye problems.

29 August
Ali Reza Saghafi is released. (ITF Press Release >>)

27 August
The ITF condemns the detention in Evin Prison of Iranian journalist Ali Reza Saghafi.  According to information received by the ITF, Ali Reza Saghafi presented himself to the Saba Street office of the judicial authorities in Tehran on August 26 at 11:00 after being told to report to the authorities.  He then effectively disappeared and his family were left without any information about where he was and what had happened to him until today.  (ITF Press Release >>)

14 August
Education International (EI) releases its Urgent Action Appeal in its efforts to stop the executiion of teacher unionist Farzad Kamagar. (Education International >>)

LabourStart launches its Act NOW! campaign to protest the intensified repression against labour activists in Iran including whipping sentences and executions.  Farzad Kamangar is one of the cases highlighted in this campaign (LabourStart >>)

10 August
The Supreme Court of Employment rejects an appeal for return to work by nine bus workers who had still not been reinstated after they were dismissed by the company in 2006.  Only two workers - Nemat Amirkhani and Ebrahim Madadi - receive letters stating that the verdict was falsified and the plaintiif should be referred back to the Tehran east employment branch.  The nine dismissed bus workers are Saeed Torabian, Vahab Mohammadi, Seyedreza Nematipoor, Ata Babakhani, Soltanali Shekari, Amir Takhiri, Davood Razavi, Aliakbar Pirhadi and Reza Fazeli.

1 August
A local protest is held in Kamiram city to demand the release of Farzad Kamangar.

Benito Bahena (ATM, Mexico) and Antonio Fritz, ITF Inter-AMerican Regional Secretary, meet with the Iranian Ambassador in Mexico City to brief the Free Osanloo campaign and demand his immediate release.

29-30 July
The ITF Asia/Pacific Road Transport Meeting held in Tokyo unanimously adopts a motion in solidarity with the Iranian workers and demanding their basic trade union rights.

20 July
ITF affiliates in Turkey organise a rally and a joint press conference in front of the Iranian Embassy in Ankara at 12:00 to demand the release of Mansour Osanloo and to highlight that union rights should be respected in Iran and in Turkey.  100 union activists from BTS, TUMTIS, HAVA-IS and DADDER marched to the Embassy, where a black wreath was laid.

18 July
Amnesty International reports that Iranian Kurdish human rights defender Farhad Haji Mirza'i is being held in Tehran's Evin Prison and is believed to have been mentally and physically tortured.  Amnesty believes that he may be a prisoner of conscience, held solely on account of his peaceful activism in defence of human rights.

14 July
The CAW sends a letter to the Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran demanding the immediate release of Mansour Osanloo >>

12 July

It is reported that in Rasht, twelve intelligence forces attack the house of the head of the Iranian Teachers Trade Associations, where a meeting of the Central Body of the Coordinating Council of the Associations was being held.  The attack takes place at 11:00 local time, on the second day of the meeting.  Participants at the meeting are beaten and insulted by members of the intelligence forces.  According to reports nobody is arrested.

11 July
The Court demands a US$150,000 bail from the family of Gholamreza Gholamhosseini as a condition for his release.  His family are unable to pay this amount.

The Supreme Court of Iran approves the execution of Farzad Kamagar, a 33-year old Kurdish teacher and trade unionist. (Education International >>)

10 July
On the anniversary of the violent arrest of Mansour Osanloo the ITF, ITUC and Amnesty International release a statement demanding the release of Osanloo and calling for solidarity with all Iranian workers.(ITF Press Release >>)

9 July
The ITF receives a report that Osanloo may have been diverted from a pre-arranged hospital appointment and instead taken to court for a further arraignment.

24 June
Gholamreza Gholamhosseini, a member of the Vahed Syndicate Executive Board, is arrested by police in Tehran while visiting Shirodi Stadium, where an event to mark Iran's Women's Day was taking place.  He is sent to Evin Prison the following day.  (ITF News Online story >>)

18 June
Osanloo is transferred from Labafinejad hospital to a medical centre in Evin prison.

The first Founders Board of the Syndicate of the Workers of Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane is established.  The Vahed Syndicate sends a message of solidarity to the workers >>

16 June
Javanmir Moradi and Taha Azadi are released on bail after 47 days imprisonment. They are members of the Executive Board of the Iranian Workers Free Trade Union who were arrested on 1 May in Asaluyeh city in Southern Iran for participating in May Day activities.
11 June
In a speech to the plenary session of the International Labour Conference of the ILO (International Labour Organisation) in Geneva, ITF General Secretary David Cockroft highlights the continued lack of freedom of association in Iran and in particular the case of Mansour Osanloo. (ITF Press Release >>) 
6 June
Members of the Romanian Seafarers Free Union and Port Workers Federation take part in a solidarity meeting at 10h00 in Constanta Port.  Activists demand social rights for trade unions in Iran and the immediate release of Mansour Osanloo.  A letter of protest is sent to the Iranian Embassy in Bucharest.

31 May
Osanloo receives his third eye surgery in Tehran.  According to reports, Osanloo is taken to hospital in handcuffs and after his operation is watched over by four guards, one of whom is armed.

15 May
The union holds Chehelom in memory of Janek Kuczkiewicz.  This is a religious ceremony that takes place 40 days after a death.

14 May
The ITF Inspector in the port of Odessa (Ukraine) visits an Iranian ship to deliver the ITF message.
5 May
ICEM protests Iran's brutal use of force to break up a tyre strike at Kian Tyre, near Chahardangeh just west of Tehran on 12 April. (ICEM Press Release >>)

4 May
The ITF Inspector in the port of Tuticorin (India) visits an Iranian ship to deliver the ITF message.
1 May
Trade unionists in Iran are met with violence and repression as they attempt to participate in this year’s May Day celebrations.  (ITF News Online story >>)
28 April
The ITF Inspector in the port of Incheon (Korea) visits an Iranian ship to deliver the ITF message.
27 April
Mansour Osanloo is taken out of Evin prison for treatment on his eye.
For a short time, he meets with his family members and then with the union's leadership including Ebrahim Madadi and Saeed Torabian.  Some discussions take place about the union's planned activities and Osanloo feels strongly that the independent workers and their trade unions celebrate May Day.  His doctors, once again, make their recommendation that at least a month is necessary to provide adequate treatment on his left eye.
25 April
The ITF Executive Board discusses the Iran Campaign.

23 April
ITF Inspectors in the port of Antwerp (Belgium) visits two Iranian ships to deliver the ITF message.
21 April
The ITF Inspector in the port of Genoa (Italy) visits the agent of an Iranian ship to deliver the ITF message.
18 April
The ITF Inspector in the port of Muuga (Estonia) visits an Iranian ship to deliver the ITF message.
16 April
Prominent parliamentarian lauds Teamsters Canada as a leader in defending human rights following the union's active role in promoting human rights in Iran >> (CAW site) (French)
12 April
The ITF Inspector in the port of Mumbai (India) visits two Iranian ships to deliver the ITF message.

8 April
The union expresses its condolences following the sudden death of Janek Kuczkiewicz, Director of the ITUC Human and Trade Union Rights Department on 7 April.
7 April
The ITF Inspector in the port of Ulsan (Korea) visits an Iranian ship to deliver the ITF message.
6 April
Mahmoud Salehi is released from Sanandaj prison. (ITF News Online >>)
4 April
The plight of bus union leader Mansour Osanloo is highlighted at an Amnesty International UK trade union conference in Nottingham.  The ITF film "Freedom will Come" is shown to delegates at the meeting.
The ITF Inspector in the port of Newcastle (Australia) visits an Iranian ship to deliver the ITF message.
31 March
The ITF Inspector in the port of Yokohama (Japan) visits an Iranian ship to deliver the ITF message.
27 March
The ITF message is delivered to an Iranian ship in the port of Hiroshima (Japan) by the ship's agent at the request of the ITF Inspector.
26 March
The ITF Inspector in the port of Hay Point (Australia) visits an Iranian ship to deliver the ITF message.
21 March
The ITF Inspector in the port of Ravenna (Italy) visits an Iranian ship to deliver the ITF message.
19 March
Amnesty International and international trade union bodies condemn the repressive measures meted out against trade union leader Mahmoud Salehi. (ITUC Press Release >>)
17 March
Mahmoud Salehi goes on hunger strike after new charges (communicating with those outside prison for the purposes of issuing messages of solidarity) are issued against him. It appears intended to justify Mahmoud Salehi’s continued detention beyond his scheduled 23 March 2008 release date, when he will have completed a one year prison sentence.

Amnesty UK holds an information seminar called "Iran: Campaigning Together for Human and Trade Union Rights" in London with the ITF.
12 March
The ITF Inspector in the port of Las Palmas (Spain) visits an Iranian ship to deliver the ITF message.
10 March
The ITF Inspector in the port of Montreal (Canada) visits an Iranian ship to deliver the ITF message.
8 March
The ITF Inspector in the port of Taranto (Italy) visits an Iranian ship to deliver the ITF message.
7 March
The ITF Inspector in the port of Abbott (Australia) visits an Iranian ship to deliver the ITF message.

6 March - Global Action Day in solidarity with workers in Iran

Headlines from Breaking News 1-7
* Action Day in Iran
* Rally in Toronto
* Gatherings in Basra and Palestine
* Embassy visits in Lisbon, Oslo and Seoul
* Solidarity from oil, rail and inland waterway workers
* Unions from Middle East and North Africa join the Action Day
* FNV awards Febe Elisabeth Velasquez Prize to Osanloo
* Nationwide actions in Belgium and Great Britain
* More embassy protests; Amman, Casablanca, Bangkok, Berlin and London
* Picket in Vilnius
* Protest Letter in Romania
* Embassy visit in Moscow
* Meeting with Iranian shipping company in Hamburg
* Information campaign in Denmark
* Demonstrations in Delhi and Brussels
* Global Unions delegation visits Iranian Mission in Geneva
* Rail workers from Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg express their solidarity
* 45,000 leaflets distributed in Japan
* Visit to Embassy in Tokyo
* Rally in Lahore
* Protest letters in Ethiopia
* Protest in Jakarta and Sydney
* Leafleting in Hong Kong
* Solidarity message by MUA crew members

* Protest in Kiev and Wellington
* Australian Foreign Minister statement

For more information about the 6 March Action Day, click here >>

5 March
CAWs Take Action Now! >>

ITF Worldwide Update (3) >>

ITF media releases
* Mass support for Osanloo release: UK events >>
* World support for Osanloo release >>
* ITF puts spotlight on Iranian ships in defence of jailed union leader >>

Joint message by the ITUC, ITF and Amnesty International >>
(français) (español) (Arabic) (Farsi)

Leaflet by ACV-Transcom >>

Protest letter by CFDT, CGT Transports, CGT Cheminots and FO, France >>

Statement by the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia >>

Protest letter by the Maritime Union of New Zealand >>

New Zealand unions media release >>

Protest letter by the AFL-CIO >>

Posters by Australian unions >> (poster 1) >> (poster 2)

Teamsters Canada lobbies parliamentarians >>

BWI web story >>

RMT confirms leafleting on 6 March, together with the TUC and other transport unions, at several stations in Great Britain from 07:30-09:00 >>

2 March
The ITF releases the Worldwide Update with action plans from 34 countries for 6 March >>

28 February
ITF Inspectors in the port of Antwerp (Belgium) visit an Iranian ship to deliver the ITF message.

27 February
The ITF Inspector in the port of Bunbury (Australia) visits an Iranian ship to deliver the ITF message.

The ITF Inspector in the port of Nordenham (Germany) sends the ITF message to an Iranian vessel due to visit the port.

24 February
Mansour Osanloo is taken to a hospital for a medical check on his left eye.

22 February
The ITF Inspector in the port of Kaohsiung (Taiwan) visits an Iranian ship to deliver the ITF message.

19 February
ITF Inspectors in the ports of Muuga (Estonia), Le Havre (France) and Incheon (Korea) visit Iranian ships to deliver the ITF message.

16 February
The ITF Inspector in the port of Cochin (India) visits an Iranian ship to deliver the ITF message.

15 February
The ITF Inspector in the port of Felixstowe (UK) visits an Iranian ship to deliver the ITF message.

13 February
LabourStart launches its online petition demanding the release of Mansour Osanloo and Mahmoud Salehi >>

12 February
The ITF Tokyo Office, together with Rengo and Koun Rokyo holds a conference on workers' rights.  110 participants from ITF affiliates, UNI as well as human rights organisations including Amnesty International discuss the ITF's campaigns in Iran, Guatemala and Burma.

9 February
The ITF Inspector in the port of Gladstone (Australia) visits an Iranian ship to deliver the ITF message.

8 February
Japanese public transport union, Shitetsu Soren, features the Iran Campaign on its web news >>

ITF FOC Coordinator, Joris De Hert organises the "I'm wearing the badge!" photo session in Antwerp >>

TUC, RMT, ASLEF, T&G Section of UNITE, UNISON, GMB, ITF and Amnesty International UK Section meet to plan the Action Day on 6 March.

7 February
ITF releases its media statement on the joint ITUC/ITF Action Day, 6 March 2008, in solidarity with the Iran workers >>

ITF shows the campaign film, Freedom Will Come, to the maritime members of the Swedish Transport Workers' Union.

6 February
Indonesian Seafarers' Union (KPI) "asks President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to cancel a planned visit to Iran because of what it said was Tehran's suppression of labor unions and human rights" says the Jakarta Post >>

5 February
ITF FOC Coordinators watch the campaign film, Freedom Will Come, at their meeting in London and pledge their solidarity and support to the Iran Campaign.

2 February
Mansour Osanloo is sent back to Evin Prison despite the doctors' recommendation for adequate treatment at hospital (see also 24 January).

1 February
Maritime journal "Tradewinds" reports that Iranian owners are shunning their national flag and placing their ships in the Maltese and Cypriot registers in an effort to secure financing from international banks.  It includes Iran's top owners, the National Iranian Tanker Co (NITC) and Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL).

28 January
The Dutch trade union federation FNV informs the ITF that Mansour Osanloo has won their Febe Elizabeth Velasquez Trade Union Award 2007.  Each year, the FNV honours those who have defended union rights under difficult circumstances and at their personal risk.

In its resolution, the Presidency of the European Union calls upon the Iranian authorities to put an end to all acts of harassment against all Iranian human rights defenders >>

24 January
Mansour Osanloo receives a second surgery on his left eye at a hospital outside of Evin Prison >>

22 January
The Tehran Bus Workers' Union sends a message of solidarity to the ITF Urban Transport Committee meeting held in the Netherlands.  The ITF organises the film show and delegates wear the Free Osanloo badge during the meeting.  The meeting resolves to organise a worldwide action day in March to support the workers' movement in Iran.

21 January
Judge Mohamedi dismisses the doctors' request to release Mansour Osanloo from jail for 45 days for medical treatment.  He says that the family has to pay an impossible amount of 1 billion Toman as bail.

Chiako Gharbehi and Mehrdad Amin Vaziri are detained by the police.  They are members of the Committee in Defense of Mahmoud Salehi.  Their charge was taking photographs of Mahmoud Salehi at hospital.  They are released the following day.

The Austrian transport union, VIDA, sends a letter to the European Parliament to request further promotion of workers' rights in Iran >>

The Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane Company workers issue a statement on their decision to form an independent organisation after their successful strike action in 2007.  The first step is to create a founding committee which will organise a general assembly of workers.

17 January
Mahmoud Salehi is taken from the prison's medical clinic to Tohid Hospital's emergency unit.

Iran Labour Rights Watch reports that Alireza Hashemi, General Secretary of the Teachers Organisation in Iran is sentenced to three years in jail >>

15 January 
New Internationalist magazine - which has campaigned for global justice for 30 years - has awarded a human rights gold medal to the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company (Sherkat-e Vahed) and its members, including its imprisoned leader, Mansour Osanloo.
14 January
A question is raised in the House of Commons, UK about Mahmoud Salehi's health conditions.

The Deputy Chair of the Parliament of Venezuela writes to the Iranian Ambassodor to Venezuela, urging the Iranian government to resolve the cases of Mahmoud Salehi and Mansour Osanloo.
The Mexican public transport union (ATM) leader requests the Iranian Ambassodor to Mexico to meet and discuss the cases of Salehi and Osanloo. He is also the president of Mexico/Iran Friendship Association.
The UK public services union, UNISON is circulating its request for Urgent Action on Iran to all its branches (1,200) with a link to the Amnesty hosted email action.

14-15 January
ITF civil aviation unions express solidarity and support to the Free Osanloo Campaign at a meeting in Cairo.

10 January
The ITF releases pictures of Mansour Osanloo taken on 1 January when he made a day visit to the hospital for treatment on his eye.

9 January
Mahmoud Salehi is transferred to the Tohid Hospital for medical tests from Sanandaj's Central Prison. He is, however, taken back to jail on the following day. 

We have been informed by our affiliate, KPI in Indonesia that President Yudhoyono is to postpone his official visit to Iran until February after the mass protest by ITF unions on 3 January over Iran's violation of trade union and human rights.

The T&G Section of Unite Branch 6/680 in Liverpool shows the "Freedom will come" film and expresses solidarity with the Iranian workers.

8 January
The T&G Section of Unite (Passenger Transport Group) shows the ITF promotional film at its national meeting.  More film shows will now be organised by the delegates with possible contacts in the UK Muslim community.

The union reports an "unexpected meeting" on its webpage.  It says that Yagoub Salimi, a member of the Executive Board was at a clergy group's meeting in the old building of the Islamic Council Parliament where he talked to the President of Iran personally and asked him to solve the problems of dismissed bus workers >>

7 January
Human Rights Watch releases its report, "You Can Detain Anyone for Anything: Iran's Broadening Clampdown on Independent Activism", criticising the Iranian government relying on its broadly worded 'security laws' to suppress virtually any public expression of dissent >>

5 January
ISNA reports that Ebrahim Madadi is now charged with 'obstruction of public order'.  He was summoned to the Revolutionary Court on the previous day.  It is believed that this is related to the incident on 3 July 2007 when he was detained for one night by the Bharestan station police for alleged 'public disorder'.  He was arrested upon his regular visit to the Western Tehran Labour Department to discuss the dismissal of 40 workers.

3 January
500 activists rally in front of the Presidential Palace in Jakarta. Organised by the ITF Indonesian Coordinating Committee prior to the official visit to Iran by President Yudhoyono, the unions demand the Indonesian government to raise the cases of Mahmoud Salehi and Mansour Osanloo with the Iranian authorities.

1 January 2008
Members of the union's Executive Board greet Osanloo at the hospital where he was making a day-visit for treatment on his eye.
A group of doctors is making a recommendation to the court that Osanloo be given proper medical treatment outside of jail for at least three months. They are now waiting for the response from judge Hadad.
27 December 2007
Four labour activists, Ebrahim Gohari, Mohsen Hakimi, Alireza Asghari and Hossein Gholami are released on bail. They were arrested on 14 December at the Chitgar Park in Tehran.

The Australian union, ASU sends its protest letter to the Iranian government >>
21 December
Mansour Osanloo is visited by his mother in prison. He complains of a kidney problem.
The ITF Indonesian Coordinating Committee delivers a letter to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Campaigning for the release of Mahmoud Salehi and Mansour Osanloo, they request President Yudhoyono's intervention during his official visit to Iran from 11 January 2008.

The Seafarers and Maritime Workers' Union of Western Russia sends its protest letter to the Iranian government >>
20 December
Education International (EI) reports that nine teachers were sentenced to 91 days imprisonment on 14 December by a criminal court in the province of Hamadan. Ali Sadeghi, Yousef Zareie, Majid Fourouzanfar, Jalal Naderi, Yousef Refahiyat, Hadi Gholami, Nader Ghadimi, Ali Najafi, Mahmood Jalilian are charged with "disturbing social order, issuing announcements and holding illegal gatherings".
19 December
The ITF and ITUC send a joint letter to the Iranian authorities to demand urgent medical treatment for Mahmoud Salehi.
Many unions around the world respond immediately. They include the Canadian Merchant Service Guild; AKT, Finland; the State Railway Workers' Union of Thailand (SRUT); Teamsters Canada; Trades Union Congress (TUC), UK; the T&G section of Unite Grampian and Northern Isles District Committee, UK; the Seafarers' Union of Croatia; the Indonesian Seafarers' Union (KPI); ACV-CSC Transcom, Belgium; the General Federation of Jordanian Trade Unions; SYTRACOM, Democratic Republic of Congo.

18 December
Amnesty International starts its Urgent Action for Mahmoud Salehi.
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16 December
Ebrahim Madadi, the Vice-President of the union is released.
16 December
The Painters Union leader, Reza Dehgan, is released from Evin Prison.

14 December
Four activists are arrested at the Chitgar Park in Tehran as they participate in a social gathering.

12-14 December
The ITUC General Council Meeting held in Washington DC adopts a resolution to step up the internationally coordinated action with the independent Iranian trade union movement.

11 December
The ITF Asia/Pacific Railway Section Meeting in Jakarta resolves to support the Free Osanloo Campaign. The delegates from Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Mongolia and Thailand wear the campaign badge and visits the Iranian Embassy in protest.

Mahmoud Salehi is taken to the Tohid Hospital in Sanandaj for the second time in a week. This time, he was unconscious and his blood pressure is very unstable. 

7 December
The visiting delegation from the European Parliament meets with trade unionists and the families of the arrested union leaders in Tehran.

6 December
The ITF organises a "Free Osanloo" film show in Sydney for union representatives from AMWU, ASU, MUA, RTBU and TWU.  The meeting agrees to set-up a solidarity committee in Australia.  The film show also takes place simultaneously in Melbourne for the members of the Victoria Trades Council.  The meeting adopts a resolution in solidarity with the Iranian workers' movement >>

5 December
The ITF "Free Osanloo" film is shown in Hobart, Tasmania at the RTBU national conference.  The delegates wear the Free Osanloo badge and adopt a resolution in solidarity with the Tehran Bus Workers' Union.

4 December
Charges against Sayed Davood Razavi relating to his arrest on 9 August are dropped by the Court.

30 November
One of the dismissed bus workers, Nemat Amir Khani is granted the right to resume his job by the Supreme Court.

Mansour Osanloo complains of a hernia problem.

29 November
The ITF "Free Osanloo" film is shown in Tunisia to the railway unions from Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia.

The ITF and ITUC submit additional information to the ILO's Freedom of Association Committee.  They also write to the ILO to request that the union and its leaders in prison are properly represented by lawyers.

27 November
The union lawyers, Parviz Khorshid and Dr. Yousef Mowlaie, submit their resignations to the Court.  They will no longer represent the union.

25 November
Hospital Employees' Union, CUPE, Canada sends a protest letter to the Iranian President >>

23 November
The Tehran Bus Workers' Union send a message of solidarity to the French transport workers (Farsi >>) (French >>)

22 November
Ver.di organises the Free Osanloo film show in Borken to officers responsible for the urban transport sector in the Nordrhein Westfalen region.

21 November
The Belgian union, BTB sends a protest letter to the Foreign Affairs Minister in Brussels >> (French >>)

19 November
The British union, T&G Section of UNITE sends a protest letter to the Iranian government >>

18 November
Reza Dehghan, Union of the Painters (Sandicika Nagash) is arrested.  He is summoned by court and then taken to Evin prison.

16 November
The ITF Dockers' Section Steering Committee resolves to support the Free Osanloo Campaign.

15 November
Mansour Osanloo is moved from Ward 209 to Ward 7 in Evin prison.  On the same day, he is taken briefly to Basir Hospital for his eye check-up.

Gorban Alipour, the Haftapeh Sugar Factory spokesperson is released on a US$10,000 bail >> (Iran Labour Rights Watch)

10 November
The General Union of Transport Workers of Palestine sends its message of solidarity to the Tehran Bus Workers' Union >>

8 November
Early Day Motion in the UK House of Commons condemns attacks on Iranian unionists >>

7 November
Haft Tapeh workers go on a shift strike following another arrest of a workers' representative >> (Iran Labour Rights Watch)

6 November
Homa News in Iran reports that bus drivers in Busheher, Southern Iran, have not received their wages for the last two months.

The ITF's European arm, the European Transport Workers' Federation (ETF) lobbies the members of the European Parliament >>

1 November
Teamsters Canada demonstrates solidarity at Parliament Hill >>

30 October
The ITF condemns the announcement of Mansour Osanloo's sentence >>

29 October
A question is raised in the House of Commons, UK about Mansour Osanloo's health conditions >>

26 October
The ITF Executive Board meeting held in Tunis adopts an emergency resolution demanding the immediate and unconditional release of Mansour Osanloo, Ebrahim Madadi and Mahmoud Salehi >>

An ILO mission, led by Cleo Doumbia-Henry, to investigate the compliance of ILO Conventions 95 and 111, visited Tehran from 26 October.  While in Tehran, she raised the issue of Osanloo's continued imprisonment which appeared to be in relation to trade union activities as well as his state of health with the Deputy Minister of Labour, the Deputy Minister of Parliamentary and International Affaris and the Deputy Minister of Justice and requested permission to visit him.  While informed that the government had no objection to such a visit, the judge concerned declined to allow a visit, citing Osanloo's health condition as the main reason.  The mission was, however, given assurances by the government that he was now receiving proper medical treatment.

25 October
Mansour Osanloo is sent back to Evin Prison and enters its medical centre.

23 October
The European Parliament resolution on Iran calls on the United Nations and the UN Human Rights Council to resume the monitoring of the human rights situation in Iran and re-appoint a Special Rapporteur for this purpose >>

20 October
ITF Press Release: Mansour Osanloo receives emergency eye treatment >>

18 October
Three masked men shoot Majid Hamidi, a grocery worker and labour activist in Sanandaj, seven times in his arm, shoulder and neck.  Hamidi is eventually taken to Tehran for specialist surgery.

17 October
Amnesty International launches an emergency petition to demand medical treatment for Mansour Osanloo and Mahmoud Salehi >>

UK union, RMT sends a protest letter to the Iranian government >>

16 October
The ITF launches the film "Freedom will come - the story of Mansour Osanloo" >>

15-21 October
I'm wearing the badge! Bus workers worldwide wear the "Free Osanloo" badge during the ITF Action Week.  An European protest rally is held in front of the Iranian Embassy in Brussels >>

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