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16:15 GMT (15 March 2007)

CAW representatives used a meeting with the Transport Canada Rail Safety Directorate to raise ongoing rail safety issues and to voice concerns about derailments, shipping dangerous commodities and negligent safety inspections. Transport Canada agreed to meet the union at least once a year over rail safety. (Email report by Jim Pare and Shannon Devine)

The South Central Railway Mazdoor Union (affiliated to the AIRF) organised a safety workshop on 13 March at the union's education centre in Secunderabad. More than 100 railway workers employed in the safety categories from Secunderabad and Hyderabad attended the event, as well as representatives from the South Central Railway. The workshop discussed in detail various issues connected with the White Paper on Safety that had been submitted by the Railway Ministry and the Corporate Railway Safety Plan 2003-2013. The meeting stressed the importance of railway safety and that it should not be ignored in favour of punctuality. The South Central Railway stated that suggestions raised during the workshop would be examined and addressed to the Railway Board if necessary.
(Email report by S.N.C.Ramakrishnama Charyulu)

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The railway unions in Luxembourg, FNCTTFEL and FCPT organised their activities for the Action Day on 8 March. Approximately 350 railway workers participated in a meeting held in the Luxembourg station. Representatives from CGT Cheminots (France), CGSP Cheminots (Belgium) and TRANSNET (Germany) also attended the event. Campaign leaflets were distributed to passengers and the demonstration received good media coverage. (Email report by Guy Greivelding)

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