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Campaigns > No to Violence Against Women 2010 > Affiliates' Activities 2010

19 Oct 2010 - 01 Nov 2011
No to Violence Against Women 2010!


Affiliates' Activities 2010

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MUA members support White Ribbon Day from on board the Aurora Australis at Davis Station, Antarctica*
MUA members support White Ribbon day 2010*

The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) is running several initiatives in the campaign.  The union is producing t-shirts and flags with the “Not Silent, Not Violent” slogan and is encouraging it’s members to wear and display the materials.  The union’s deputy national secretary Mick Doleman is on the national leaders group of the White Ribbon Foundation.  Together the union and the foundation are actively supporting a country-wide campaign to change attitudes and behaviours that support or excuse violence against women.  MUA members are wholeheartedly supporting these objectives see picture.  

*MUA members support White Ribbon Day from on board the Aurora Australis at Davis Station, Antarctica
*MUA members support White Ribbon Day Campaign 2010

The union is also inviting its members to a White Ribbon dinner to spread awareness and win support.  Attending the dinner are many unions and non-governmental organisations.

The union has also started an initiative entitled “White Ribbon Workplace”, where workplaces can display a plaque saying their employees have signed a pledge, promising they will not perpetrate or tolerate violence against women.

Union members of the civil aviation union in Brazil, Federação Nacional de Trabalhadores da Aviação Civil are visiting the airport every day, talking with workers and distributing reference material. They have collected and prepared data on violence against women and transport workers; the activities will culminate with a talk given by an expert in the field.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers will defer handing out materials until December the 6th, the Canadian Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. Canada Post will lower their flag to half mast in remembrance of the women who were murdered at the École Polytechnique Massacre, as well as distributing materials and information on the elimination of violence against women.

Bojana Manojlovic, a journalist working for the Seafarers’ Union Croatia will be interviewing women working in a number of Croatian shipping companies.  The key findings will then be reported in a prominent article that is due to be circulated to the mass media.

El Salvador
The civil aviation union SITEAIES, of El Salvador, will join the campaign to promote the eradication of violence against women.  It plans to distribute materials at the El Salvador International Airport.

The Transport and Dock Worker’s Union of Mumbai is organising a meeting for all activists in the port sectors. The meeting will go ahead on the 25 November 2010, where the union will also distribute campaign materials to mark the event.

On November the 25th the Paradip Port Workers' Union will hold a joint procession with The Samadhan (a non governmental organisation whose work is to ensure practical realisation of human rights globally) to raise awareness of violence against women. They will then hold a workshop in the afternoon on the union’s premises, with vice-president Sushree Laxmipriya Mohanty leading the event.

The All India Railwaymen’s Federation will hold seminars, workshops, counseling and rallies at Branch, Division and Zone levels.   Posters, leaflets and banners will be displayed to create awareness and commemorate the day.

The Railway and Allied Workers’ Union has organised a lunch time discussion for all activists to raise awareness and discuss the problems associated with violence against women.  There will also be an educational presentation from the women’s representative, Roselyn Mwende Malonza.

The Lebanese Cabin Crew Association have organised for all members to actively participate in the commemorative day by wearing their ribbons, both while travelling and on ground duties.  The union will also distribute the ribbons to ground staff members of Middle East Airlines.

The Airports of Mauritius Ltd Employees’ Union has organised a meeting and has invited expert speakers from various non-governmental organisations to talk on issues relating to violence and the consequences of violence against women.

Free Trade Union of Railway Workers- affiliates in Hungary 2009 participating in a flash mob in coll*
2009 activity organised by the Free Trade Union of Railway, Hungary in collaboration with Amnesty International*

The Government Services Employees’ Association will be holding a one-day workshop for members from their ministries and departments. They will be displaying banners and posters and will be inviting expert speakers from non governmental organisations.

The Nepalese government has recently introduced a bill on violence against women, so the union will be lobbying the government to implement the bill.  The union plans to provide a planned interaction programme between stakeholders and government agencies, to ensure the union’s full participation in the outcomes.

*affiliates in Mexico participating in a International forum,
*Workshop organised in 2009 by the road transport union (ATM), Mexico

The Sindicato Nacional Heroes y Martires del MTI, a dockers’ and road transport workers’ union will hold a meeting, giving a brief presentation of the history of abuse and violence inflicted upon women, with the aim of raising awareness of the nature of violence.

SAMAC, the civil aviation union, will hold a lunchtime discussion on cases of violence against women, with a special guest speaker from Oxfam Quebec to facilitate discussion.

A workshop for both men and women has been organised by the Air Transport Services Senior Staff Association.  The aim of the workshop is to share experiences and knowledge on the issue of violence and to distribute campaign materials. The workshop will be followed by a press conference.

In the days leading up to the 25th of November, members of the Federacion Nacional de Trabajadores del Transporte del Perú will be display posters on bus stops and transport vehicles. Workers will wear the ribbons leading up to and on the day of the 25th.  This will culminate in a workshop that has been organised for all union members.

The Associated Labor Union and the Philippine Seafarers’ Union have jointly organised a series of crisis intervention training sessions, with the first one to commence on the 25th of November. The trainer they have invited is a licensed counsellor, who specialises in cases of violence against women and children, particularly where there is sexual abuse. They will be training participants to effectively respond to women and children in crisis. The first session is entitled: “Listening to Myself: Initial Steps in Creating a Safe Place to Prevent Violence”.

The civil aviation union of Senegal,  Syndicat Unique des Travailleurs des Transports Aeriens Et Activites Annexes du  Senegal (SUTTAAAS), will join a conference that is being hosted by the labour inspector at the airport.  Campaign materials will be distributed to commemorate the date and raise awareness.

South Africa
The Satawu national gender committee has resolved to focus the union’s anti-violence campaign on Akhona. In South Africa there will be a national period of “16 Days of Activism Against Violence Against Women and Children” which incorporates the UN Day. Satawu activities will stretch over this period, and will include making representations to the SA Maritime Safety Authority and the Transnet Port Authority.

The Communication & Transport Workers' Union of Tanzania is encouraging its members to join a rally planned for all workers. The rally will be addressed by guest speakers and will centre on working conditions.  The participants aim to increase pressure on the government to implement employment policies.

The women's department of the Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited State Enterprise Worker Union, have organised an extensive educational programme.  Delegates will visit workplaces where workers will be able to participate in a presentation to raise awareness and eradicate violence against women.   Commemorative materials will be distributed and the positive message of “use your voice” will be used to encourage employees to join and become active in the women’s department.

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