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In Memory

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Of our departed friends and colleagues...

Bala Tampoe,
1922 – 2014

The ITF is saddened to learn of the passing of Brother Bala Tampoe, Sri Lankan trade union leader and internationalist.

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Shanti Patel, 1921 – 2014

The following sad message has been received from Abdulgani Serang, general secretary-cum-treasurer of the National Union of Seafarers of India: It is with a heavy heart that I inform you about the passing away of NUSI President Dr Shanti Patel, who passed away this morning at around 5 AM. He was 93.

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Vusie Welcome Mabuza, 1975 – 2014

The ITF is saddened to learn of the death of our colleague Vusie Welcome Mabuza, STAWU (Swaziland Transport and Allied Workers Union) president general, at the shockingly young age of 39.

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Alexander Ageev, 1959 – 2014

The Seafarers’ Union of Russia has announced the sad news that Alexander Ageev has died in an accident, aged just fifty-five.

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Adele Pellegrini,
21 February 1958 – 12 April 2014

Adele Pellegrini, a stalwart of the ITF’s and ETF’s women’s work, has passed away after a long illness.

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Bob Crow, 13 June 1961 – 11 March 2014

The ITF is shocked by the sudden and untimely loss of our great friend Bob Crow, RMT general secretary and ITF executive board member from 2002 onwards.

(continue reading..)

Umraomal Purohit
, 29 March 1928 – 27 February 2014

The ITF is sad to announce the death at the age of 86 of its former president, Umraomal Purohit, who has died in Mumbai following a brief illness.

(continue reading..)

Nelson Mandela, 18 July 1918 - 5 December 2013

ITF mourns the death of Comrade Nelson Mandela: The struggle for justice continues.

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Basile Mahan Gahé, September 2013

The ITF is greatly saddened by the news of the death of Basile Mahan Gahé, general secretary of the Confederation "Dignity" of Ivory Coast, who passed away on 16 September.

(continue reading...)

Dr. C.P. Srivastava, KCMG, July 2013

International Maritime Organisation (IMO) secretary-general emeritus and founding chancellor of the World Maritime University, (WMU) passed away in Genoa, Italy on 22 July at the age of 93.

(continue reading...)

Juan Carlos Pucci, July 2013

Juan Carlos Pucci, general secretary of the ITF affiliated Centro de Patrones y Oficiales Fluviales de Pesca y de Cabotaje Marítimo de Argentina, passed away on 17 July after a serious illness. He was 60 years old.

(continue reading...)

Ian Sherwood, January 2013

The ITF is saddened by the death of Ian Sherwood, founder of the Delta Marine crew management company and chairman of IMEC, a constituent of the Joint Negotiating Group, which represents employers in the International Bargaining Forum (IBF).

(continue reading...)

Steve Edwards, December 2012

The ITF is greatly saddened by the tragic and unexpected departure of Steve Edwards. He passed away on 3 December 2012, aged 62, after a short illness. Steve has been based in Maryland, USA  for a decade,  first working as an SEIU staff member and later becoming an advisor to the Teamsters Union on their global school bus campaign.

(continue reading...)

Enrique Venturini, November 2012

Secretary General of the ITF affiliated Argentine Sindicato de Electricistas y Electronicistas Navales and special advisor to the CGT Argentina on matters relating to the International Labour Organisation died on 20 November 2012.

(continue reading...)

Frode Gross, October 2012

The former secretary general of the Norwegian Union of Marine Engineers died peacefully on 6 October 2012.

(continue reading...)

Barbara Ruthmann, September 2012

Barbara Ruthmann, who was responsible for the day to day operation of the ITF Flag of Convenience campaign in the German union ver.di, died suddenly on 24 September.

(continue reading...)

Kemal Işkın Keleşoğlu, August 2012

Lawyer, Turkish Civil Aviation Union (Hava-Is)  "He was an advocate for workers, and the oppressed”

(continue reading...)

René Lioeanjie, April 2012

The ITF is very sorry to report that René Lioeanjie passed away April 10, 2012.  Rene was vice president at large of the Seafarers International Union of North America (SIU) until his retirement in 2009.

(continue reading...)

Manohar Kotwal, November 2011

The ITF is very sorry to report that Manohar Kotwal passed away on 29 November. Manohar passed away at the age of 96 following a few months of illness.

(continue reading...)

Charles Narelli, October 2011

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our friend and comrade, Charles Narelli who passed away in Marseilles this week from cancer at the age of 76.

(continue reading...)

Dr. M.K Pandhe, August 2011
The ITF is saddened to learn of the passing of Dr. M.K Pandhe.
(continue reading...)

John Bowers
, August 2011
It is with great sadness that we announce the death of John M. Bowers, who from 1987 until 2007, led the International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA).
(continue reading...)

Amir Shah, July 2011
Amir Shah, president of the Peoples Unity CBA Union of Pakistan International Airlines and member has been murdered in Karachi.
(continue reading...)

Gerhard Eggers, June 2011
It is with great sadness that we announce that Gerhard Eggers passed away in hospital in Cologne on 8th June.
(continue reading...)

Fathi Nasser, May 2011
The Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions has reported the death of Fathi Nasser, the PGFTU’s legal officer.
(continue reading...)

Juan Manuel Palacios, May 2011
We are sorry to announce the untimely death in a car accident of Juan Manuel Palacios, former ITF executive board member (1998 to 2006), and for two decades the secretary general of Argentina’s UTA (Unión Tranviarios Automotor).
(continue reading...)

Kazukiyo Doi, March 2011
The ITF’s Tokyo Office has informed us of the death of Kazukiyo Doi, who died on 21 March at the age of 86.
(continue reading...)

Farayi Makanda, February 2011
We express our deep sadness at the news of the death of Bro. Farayi Makanda, a great trade union leader in the TGWU and the workers’ movement in Zimbabwe.
(continue reading...)

Michalis Zenzefyllis, February 2011
Michalis Zenzefyllis, former PNO general secretary, has died. Born in Ismailia, Egypt, in 1923, Michalis went to sea in 1951 and was elected as general secretary of the Pan-Hellenic Union of Masters and Mates in 1979. Later he was elected vice president.
(continue reading...)

Shunji Yamano, 15 January 2011
We regret to announce the death of Shunji Yamano, former president of Shitetsu Soren (the General Federation of Private Railway & Bus Workers' Unions) and member of the ITF's executive board.
(continue reading...)

Captain Gregorio Oca, 21 November 2010
Captain Gregorio ‘Greg’ Oca, Chairman of Amosup, the Associated Marine Officers’ and Seamen’s Union of the Philippines, died on the 21 November 2010, aged 83.
(continue reading...)

Marcelino Camacho, October 2010
We are sorry to report the death of leading trade unionist Marcelino Camacho, the first General Secretary of Spain’s Comisiones Obreras (CC.OO) trade union.
(continue reading...)

NURTW Union Staff, October 2010
The ITF is very sorry to report the death of a number of trade unionists from the National Union of Road Transport Workers of Nigeria.
(continue reading...)

Magbè Bangoura, 18 April 2010
The ITF is very saddened to learn of the tragic death in a car accident on Sunday in Guinea of Mme Magbè Bangoura.
(continue reading...)

Eisuke Masuda, 2 December 2009
Eisuke Masuda, who directed the ITF's Tokyo Office from 1972 to 1987, died on 2 December 2009 at the age of 84.
(continue reading...)

Neil Kearney, 19 November 2009
The ITF is extremely sorry to report the death early this morning of Neil Kearney, General Secretary of the ITGLWF (International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers' Federation)
(continue reading ...)

Juma Khamis, June 2009
Juma Khamis, ITF inspector and former General Secretary of the Kenyan Dockworkers’ Union has died aged 61.
(continue reading ...)

Klas Valbärj, June 2009
We are sad to announce that Klas Valbärj, secretary of the Nordic Transport Workers’ Federation (NTF) has died, at 59 years of age. (continue reading ...)

John Newman, June 2009
The ITF is sad to announce the death of former general secretary of NUMAST, now Nautilus International, at the age of 77. (continue reading ...)

Jack Jones, April 2009
Jack Jones, General Secretary of the British Transport and General Workers' Union (TGWU) from 1969 to 1978, died on 21 April 2009. (continue reading ...)

Antonios Maounis, April 2009
It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Antonios Maounis, ITF Inspector in Greece, on 11 April 2009, following a sudden heart attack. (continue reading ...)

James Brunkenhoefer, December 2008
The ITF is sad to announce that James M. Brunkenhoefer has passed away. He died of a stroke on December 19, 2008. (continue reading ...)

Tony Ayton, December 2008
We are sad to announce the death of Tony Ayton, ITF Inspector for Ireland, who sadly lost his battle with illness on 28th December (continue reading ...)

J.P. Chaubey
, September 2008
We are sad to announce the death of Brother J.P. Chaubey, General Secretary of the All India Railwaymen’s Federation (AIRF). He died after a brief illness today, at the age of 85.  (continue reading ..)

Anderson Mhungu, July 2008
for many years General Secretary of the Zimbabwe Amalgamated Railwaymen’s Union (ZARU), died on 16 July 2008. He was a member of the ITF Executive Board from 1980 to 1990 and an ITF Vice President from 1986 to 1990. (continue reading ..)

Francis Mungroo, July 2008
The ITF is sad to announce the death of Brother Francis Mungroo. Francis started his career as a seaman; his first outing at sea was with the Saguenay Shipping Company Limited, where he organised the crew members to join the Seamen and Waterfront Workers Trade Union (SWWTU). (continue reading ..)

Sibusiswe Moyo, 11 June 2008
The ITF is deeply saddened to announce the death of Sibusiswe Moyo, Union and Country HIV/AIDS Coordinator for the Zimbabwe Amalgamated Railway Workers’ Union (ZARWU).  (continue reading ..)

Janek Kuczkiewicz, 8 April 2008
Janek Kuczkiewicz, ITUC Director of Human and Trade Union Rights, died suddenly on 8th April at his home in Brussels.  (continue reading ..)

Bill Goodger, 29 March 2008
The ITF is sad to announce that Bill Goodger, of the Special Seafarers’ Department, died suddenly on 29 March 2008, aged 57. Bill joined the Actions Unit, from UK affiliate RMT, in 1996, and remained a loyal and hardworking member of the Actions team for 12 years. (continue reading ..)

Karin Alleweldt, 19 February 2008
Everyone in the ITF was very shocked to hear of Karin's death.  She was a real internationalist, both in her early days working within the transport section of the OTV, and subsequently when she joined the international and european department of the German national centre the DGB. (continue reading ..)

Stefan Nedzynski, 8 January 2008
Stefan Nedzynski, former General Secretary of the Postal, Telegraph, Telephone International, PTTI, one of the organisations which merged in 2000 to form today's UNI died on 8th January.2008 at the age of 87. (continue reading ..)

Heribert Maier, 6 November 2007
The global trade union movement as a whole and I personally was deeply saddened to learn of the death of Heribert Maier at the age of 75 on November 6th in Graz, Austria, the town of his birth. (continue reading ..)

Ingrid Köhler, 11 October 2007
It is with great sorrow that the ITF has to announce that Ingrid Köhler, German Interpreter and Translator, died on 11th October in Guy's Hospital in London, following a serious illness. She was only forty-nine. (continue reading ..)

Richard Flint, 18 April 2007
Everyone at the ITF was deeply saddened to hear of Richard Flint’s death at the tragically young age of 47 on 18 April. (continue reading..)

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