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Trade unions affiliated to the ITF


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Why affiliate to the ITF?

As an affiliate the following services and support are available from the ITF:

1. Assistance in drives to organise the unorganised and in the development of education policy, structures and activities within the union.

2. Assistance in defending the interests of the union's members e.g. in cases of disputes by organising international solidarity actions or by providing financial assistance to transport workers.

3. Regular dissemination of information through ITF publications, surveys or other research documentation on issues affecting transport workers.

4. Opportunity to participate in ITF section or regional meetings at national, sub-regional, regional or international level.

5. The ITF represents affiliates in dealing with the International Labour Organisation (ILO), International Maritime Organisation (IMO), International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and inter-governmental agencies and other bodies concerned with transport.

All these services are provided equally to all ITF affiliates, regardless of their size, the industry in which they organise or the region from which they come. Every affiliated union has an equal right to call on the help of the ITF when they need it.

How to become a member of the ITF

Membership of the ITF is open to any organisation with members in the transport industry upholding democratic principles, and able to operate independent of outside control (ref. Rule II (1) of the ITF Constitution).

Fill in the forms below sign them and return them to the ITF General Secretary.

If the ITF already has affiliated unions in the country concerned, they will be informed of the application and invited to comment on whether or not they think it should be accepted. This consultation process is in line with the provision in the ITF Constitution.

The application will then be submitted to the ITF Executive Board for consideration at their next meeting. Meetings of the ITF Executive Board are usually held twice a year, in April and October.

The union will be informed of the Executive Board's decision on their application. The decision may be to accept or reject the application or to keep it in abeyance. Some applications may be kept in abeyance if further consultation or consideration is needed.

If the ITF Executive Board approves the union's application for affiliation, this is subject to the completion of remaining formalities. In order to give effect to the affiliation, the payment of at least six months' fees is required by the Constitution. The ITF General Secretary will write to the union confirming the fees that they are required to pay and the details of the ITF's bank account. No union can become an ITF affiliate until the first six months' fees have been paid.

The affiliation fees are set by the Congress. The standard rate of fee in 2005 is £1.10 per member per year. The ITF realises that some unions are not in a position to pay full fees and requests to pay at a concessionary rate can be considered. In order to pay at a concessionary rate the appropriate application form (see Annex VI) must be completed. If an application for a concession on affiliation fee payments is not received, unions will automatically be charged the full affiliation fee. A concessionary rate may be agreed based on the union's membership and how much the union is able to afford. The minimum concession that can be granted is 10 per cent. From 1 January 1998 there is a minimum membership of 1,000 for fee paying purposes.

When the ITF has received the initial six months' affiliation fees, the affiliation becomes formalised. The union will receive a letter from the ITF General Secretary confirming that they have become an ITF member with effect from a certain date. Once the union has become an ITF member, it can expect to receive all the services which are offered by the ITF to affiliates (see section 2 page 5.2).

Source: ITF Handbook, 5:1 and 5:2

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