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World Aids Day 2018

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Live life positively, know your HIV status.

  • Informations sur la campagne

    Around 37 million people in the world are living with HIV, the highest number ever. Many of those who are infected, do not know their HIV status. It is very important that we promote voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) for early diagnosis and follow up treatment when needed.

    The ITF is always committed to challenge all HIV/AIDS related stigma and discrimination, before World Aids Day 2018 on December 1, we urge all of our affiliates to chalk out programmes to observe the day. Organise education sessions, testing (VCT) campaign for workers and families.

    Since the first World AIDS Day on 1 December 2006, the ITF has been asking its unions to get involved. Its aim is to:

    • Establish HIV/AIDS as part of the unions’ core programmes and activities
    • Encourage unions to lobby for HIV to become a workplace issue
    • Support programmes and activities to prevent future infections
    • Challenge HIV/AIDS related stigma and discrimination at work places and in the community
    • Establish a network of HIV positive workers that have an active role in controlling the pandemic
    • Provide care and support to infected members and their families.

    We believe that, with the organisational strength of over 20 million transport workers through 658 affiliated unions in 146 countries, we can make a difference and keep transport workers and their families healthy and protected from HIV/AIDS.

    What can you do?

    World AIDS Day is on 1 December 2018. You can get involved by:

    • Getting in touch with UNAIDS and other local organisations to collaborate to share promotional materials and provide testing (VCT) services. 
    • Share the campaign materials for World Aids Day on social media and with your contacts. You can find postcards, suggested tweets, posters and videos on the UNAIDS website here >>
    • Help us get the word out by using the hashtags #KnowYourstatus and #WorldAIDSDay on your social media posts.
    • Follow and keep an eye on our ITF Wellbeing Facebook page for content to share. 



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