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ITF and affiliates present united front against NEX’s record of workers’ rights violations

After company refuses to address anti-union tactics, leaders from each organisation deliver letter, vowing to use all lawful means available to defend workers’ rights.

(London, UK) - The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), along with affiliated unions, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (North America) and Unite the Union (UK) signed a joint letter to National Express (NEX), notifying the company of their intent to use all lawful means necessary to hold NEX accountable for violating workers’ rights.

“The International Transport Workers’ Federation is proud to stand in solidarity with our North American colleagues in the International Brotherhood of Teamsters,” said Stephen Cotton, general secretary of ITF.  “Our organisations are completely united in our efforts to ensure National Express is held accountable for their violation of workers’ rights and their egregious anti-union tactics during union elections.”

“When it comes to workers’ rights, National Express is all talk and no action. We are grateful to have the support of the ITF, Unite the Union and all ITF affiliates as we work to inform the public about how National Express disrespects its North American workers and conducts its business around the world,” stated general president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Jim Hoffa. “We will not rest until National Express proves they are serious about addressing our concerns and commits to a mutually-agreed protocol to ensure workers’ rights are protected.”

Len McCluskey, general secretary of Unite added: “Multinational companies that think that they can isolate workers and their unions treating them differently depending on where they are in the world and what power they have locally, are wrong – we are a global family of trade unionists watching out for anti-union behaviour and activity across the globe. The actions of National Express in North America are deeply concerning and their failure to make a clear commitment to respecting international workers’ rights in this instance is unacceptable. As a consequence, we are committed along with a broad coalition of trade unions across the globe, to developing and delivering actions that will bring about a change in their behaviour.” 

National Express is a UK-based passenger transportation company that operates in the UK, United States, Canada, Spain, Morocco, Germany and Bahrain.  In North America, NEX is the second-largest bus operator and ⅓ of NEX North American workers are represented by the Teamsters.  NEX has rejected repeated attempts by the Teamsters to engage in meaningful, productive negotiations for improved relations, including a proposed joint agreement to respect the rights of its workers to choose freely during union elections.


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