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ITF comment on Doha container death

Commenting on last week’s death of a driver crushed by a container reportedly falling from a lorry exiting Doha port, ITF president Paddy Crumlin said: “Injuries associated with containers are all too common. They can occur throughout the supply chain –on ships, in ports, on road and rail. There is a deep and constant need for oversight, care and regulation.”

"This latest death highlights the importance of the ITFs campaign against overweight containers. The accurate measurement and regulation of containers by the industry at every point is essential to ensure safety for related workers, in road and rail freight and in its loading and discharge.  Not withstanding the progress made, some stakeholders in the industry are resisting accountability on weight."

He concluded: “We hope that this latest incident will be investigated and necessary measures taken.”

For more about the ITF’s work on container safety see:


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