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Conference updates

Conference updates for the Arab World regional conference 13 - 16 February 2017.

UMT - Ibrahim Qerfah - @AWRC, the conference was a huge success, the agenda and outcomes are promising and I hope that unions focus on raising their membership figures.

Adjabi Lazhari Federation Nationale Travailleurs Ports Algériens -UGTA @ AWRC the conference was very successful, the elections went well and everyone agreed on the outcomes which hold big hopes, our main goal is to increase our membership.

Nasser Younis - President of the General Union for Transport Workers in Palestine talks about his participation and his experience at the ITF Arab World Third Regional Conference and support shown for the Palestinian cause through the conference.

Nermin Naji Al-Sharif - President / General union of Dockers, seafarers and clearance Libya.

I am very glad for participating in AWRC, the delegates we met and the outcomes of the conference, and hope we increase our membership more to reach 400,000 members.

Nermin Naji Al-Sharif - President / General union of Dockers, seafarers and clearance Libya.

The conference will be held in Tunisia, the country of great success stories in trade union rights. The ITF support was always in the lead, they support the workers in the Arab World and globally. For me the ITF backed me up in all the difficult times. I ask everyone to participate with us even if they are not coming through Facebook and the ITF website. I am sure that the conference outcomes will be for the benefit of workers and to strengthen the unions in the Arab World.

Fatme Ajouz, Lebanese cabin crew Association – Lebanon, member of AW youth committee.

Whether you’re going or not you can be part of it, we need your help and support to support the work we do and you can share with us your thoughts what you are expecting from the conference.

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