Unions from every region of the world are active in Our Public Transport

Our public transport

Public transport affects everyone. It is an integral and essential part of the modern world.

Yet not everyone has a say in how it is run, and for whose benefit. Too often public transport planning does not include the views of the real experts – workers and passengers. 

The ITF’s Our Public Transport programme aims to redress this. It is actively campaigning for public transport based on public ownership, public investment, secure jobs and union rights for workers in public and private employers. 

How are we doing this? See our campaigns, stories, resources and videos on this page.

Contact us

Get in touch with the ITF Our Public Transport team: opt@itf.org.uk


Public transport workers and their unions are facing many issues around the world, and organising and bargaining to win.

You can see more videos from the programme here and here is a map of ITF unions taking action to save and build public transport for all:

Our people

We believe that the way to get the best possible public transport system is to work together. We represent public transport workers and we have built alliances with passengers, providers, funders and policy makers. 

We also have teams of researchers and campaigners supporting our projects on the ground.  

We are governed by the ITF executive board and given our mandate by the board and congress.

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