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Are you a union interested in joining the ITF?

Then you’re part of a trade union movement that is the largest democratic movement in the world.

The ITF is the global representative of transport workers within that movement. We want to work with you and support you, to join our voice to yours at a national level, and yours to ours at the international level. Together we can influence the global agenda.

Want to join us? Then find out more below.

Who can join the ITF?

Membership is open to unions and other organisations organising workers employed in all forms of public and private transport and associated industries, including:

Civil aviation, including 

  • Air crews
  • Land-based staff employed in any capacity by an airport or airline

Seafaring, including

  • Merchant vessels
  • Cruise Vessels
  • Ferries
  • Tankers
  • Inland navigation vessels
  • Fisheries
  • Docks and ports

Road transport, including:

  • Trucking
  • Coaches
  • Buses Taxis Rail transport including
  • Freight
  • Light transportation
  • Trams


Membership (also known as affiliation) is not open to non-union organisations such as charities, NGOS etc.

Who is in the ITF?

See the list of ITF member unions at

Why join the ITF?

Together, the ITF and its unions are building a strong and united network fighting for quality transport services, trade union rights, gender equality and employment equity. As part of a truly global organisation your union will be part of developing a coordinated strategy to confront an increasingly globalised approach to employment and address the shifting trends in technological advancement, social justice in the workplace, poverty reduction and debt relief. Have a look at to see some examples of the kind of campaigns we undertake with and for our members.

What does it cost?

The formula for calculating the ITF's annual affiliation fees is 1.60GBP multiplied by the number of eligible members multiplied by a factor relevant to your country’s gross national income. This is based on figures produced by the United Nations Development Programme. We also assess your organisation’s financial circumstances.

How is the money spent?

Every four years the ITF congress decides on a programme of action that forms the basis of all the ITF's work. By joining you help influence this. Your subscription will be spent on delivering this democratically-decided programme of work. The ITF works hard to develop strategies which allows member unions to campaign, grow and mobilise effectively. You will also have access to regional events.

How do we to join?

If you would like to discuss how to apply you can speak to an ITF representative in your nearest regional office.




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Anand yadav

5 Days Ago
As per my 5 years of sea experience I think itf working style and propaganda is very good. So I want to become an itf member
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Pyi Moe

324 Days Ago
As a seafarer , I have been working in the different vessels for more than 6 years. I couldn't find any better place than ITF when it comes to seafarers affair and issues , depending on my personal experience. If it is possible , I am very willing to participate as a part working on ITF.
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