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Overturn convictions of Turkish trade unionists

Fourteen leaders of ITF union TÜMTİS’ Ankara branch are facing imprisonment on charges dating back to 2007. We demand their unconditional release.

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Justice for dock workers!

Dock workers in Madagascar are fighting for their rights. Will you stand with them?

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End violence against women UN day 2016

Violence against women (VAW) - whether it's physical, emotional, psychological or sexual abuse, in the home, in the workplace or the community - is a trade union issue. Every year the United Nations…

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Verkehrsbeschäftigte setzen sich zur Wehr! Global organisieren!

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Support dockers at London Gateway

A new terminal operated by global network terminal (GNT) operator DP World has been constructed at the port of London Gateway - workers there need your help to secure a decent CBA.

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