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Speaking with one voice

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Aviation workers can now use a ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to protect their working conditions from airlines that want to circumvent national laws. Ryanair cabin crew are starting to come forward to ask for a voice at work. As unions we need to get ready to welcome, advise and support them.

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    Aviation unions representing cabin crew – you called and we answered

    “FR crew have the right to workplace protection and to enjoy the same fair and equal treatment as their unionised counterparts. As elected representatives, we are working with the ITF and ETF teams to make sure we are ready to support and empower the proud and loyal FR crew return.” Anu Hietala and Oliver Richardson, ETF civil aviation section presidents.

    As you know, the actions of courageous cabin crew from Belgium, Spain and Portugal means we now have a ruling that gives us the chance to support Ryanair (FR) cabin crew to improve their working conditions.

    Unions, we have answered your call for resources and have a team ready to support you and give you the information you need to help you reach out to crew.

    Make the ruling matter; we need unions and as many cabin crew as possible to understand that the ECJ ruling is about making things better for all.

    - Share online and offline materials from our campaign materials page that speak to Ryanair crew and help workplace leaders kickstart conversations.

    - Legal expertise and advice on the ECJ ruling is available, contact us with any queries at

    Unions are relevant, we are family and it’s about belonging; we have started to collaborate and work directly with a number of unions, out in the field and in the office, where Ryanair has bases.

    Get in touch via if you want to know more or have other queries and suggestions. Your expertise matters! 

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