New apps to aid seafarers

The ITF is launching a series of free apps for seafarers.

The Look up a Ship app will enable seafarers and charterers to look at basic information about the vessel they are sailing on, intend to sail on or are considering chartering. It will show the ship name, International Maritime Organization (IMO) number, where it is flagged, and whether or not it has an ITF agreement, and the status of any agreement. It will also show the latest crew list summary and ITF Inspection details.

This new app comes just months before the enforcement of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC) – the "seafarers' bill of rights" –in August, and will help seafarers and charterers support and build on the MLC's fair employment provisions.

A second app, Look up an Inspector, helps seafarers find a trade union and their nearest ITF inspector. It will tell seafarers where they can obtain assistance from an ITF inspector or union, and details of their telephone, fax and email contacts, as well as the ITF-sponsored 24-hour SeafarerHelp helpline.

The ITF Seafarers’ Trust is also offering an app on Shore Leave to put seafarers in touch with the nearest seafarers’ centre or mission.

The new apps can be found at:

iPhone applications
Look up an Inspector >>
Look up a Ship >>

Android versions
Look up an Inspector >>
Look up a Ship >>

Shore Leave (iphone and ipad):
Look up Shore Leave App for iphone and ipad >>
Shore Leave (Android)
Look up Shore Leave App for Android >>
Shore Leave (Blackberry):
Look up Shore Leave App for Blackberry >>

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